The Company

Proud to be a Brazilian company operating in the market since 1995, Vitória Christmas has been developing each year, improving products, production techniques, investing in specialized machinery and especially recognizing the value of our employees and customers, which are the key to our success. Our employees receive constant training, translating our values ​​and commitments into great relationships, friendships and excellent service. Already consolidated among the best manufacturers of Christmas goods in Latin America, Vitória Christmas seeks to develop through its products, the passion for the industry, which is visibly reversed in satisfaction and loyalty of its customers and employees.

Mission: Produce top quality Christmas articles with creativity, passion and responsibility, further enhancing the culture of the Brazilian people.

Vision: Believing that the national market has one of the best consumers of Christmas articles in the world, we are developing more techniques and training to further expand our services and products, reaching more and more interested people in the field.

Values: Personal and professional development of our employees, business transparency and great relationship with our customers.

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