2018 trend

Red and gold will traditionally always be the predominant colors at Christmas, but over the years we have seen vibrant color decorations, inspired by characters, we have also seen those that accompany the decor of the environment with closer colors in copper tones and brown, making a composition with furniture and objects of the scene, more romantic tones like pink and ivory, finally everything is majestic when it comes to Christmas.

In 2018, what comes very strongly is chess, forgotten for some time, it comes back in full force, decorating everything with a happy and relaxed touch, always emphasizing the most striking color of Christmas, red.

The Christmas Victory chess line released shyly in 2017 is expanded in 2018.

Christmas tree foot skirts, fluffy bows and inner frames, glamor the 2018 trend, in two versions of plaid, we present our product line for you to leave your current environment and dazzling.

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